The Aldilonda, or the pedestrian route circumventing Bastia's citadel

Location: Bastia (2B)

Program: Creation of a walkway for pedestrians, disabled users, and cyclists circumventing the citadel and highlighting the site

General contractor: Bastia’s municipality

Project management: Buzzo Spinelli in partnership with Dietmar Feichtinger as architect representative; SBP, BET - structural engineers; BETEM, BET VRD - mechanical engineers; IN SITU - landscape design; OCEANIDE - hydrodynamics engineers

Cost: 4.350.000,00 € ex-Tax

Areas: 450 linear meters

Schedule: 2017-2019

Visualization by: Ilulissa Images

Aldilonda, meaning literally « above water », anchors itself to the rocks, cantilevers above steep slopes, and follows the coastal curves offering a fine site experience, and several relaxation areas.

The project does not create new spaces, but instead makes existing ones available. Rocks become accessible as solariums or rocky beaches.

The materiality of the project is in keeping with the ramparts and the rough natural landscape. The walkway is made of precast concrete slabs with a finish layer of in situ rock shards. The handrail, composed of corten steel, is very resistant to corrosion and in perfect harmony with the quartz rust colour on the rocks.


Intervention is minimal on the north and south entrances out of respect for the site.

Integrated to the north of the project is the Dragon pier only viewpoint in the landscape; and the small natural beach is entirely protected.

Preserved to the south is the rocky outcrop, dear to and representative of Bastia natives. The promenade then continues through a tunnel naturally lit by a skylight, and it is connected to the citadel by a staircase.

Finally Ficaghiola the coast inlet follows the same concept of a minimal impact; so floating decks are created to connect the beach to the water level overcoming the rocky barrier, and creating relaxing public spaces facing the sea.

© Buzzo Spinelli Architecture