The fishermen facility of Bonifacio

Location: Bonifacio (2A)

Program: 20 workshops for the fishermen (storage and working place), 1 garbage room, 1 sales area with fish stalls, 1 ice maker room, 1 office for the fishermen, 1 office for SNSM (French Sea Rescue Association), 1 community hall, Outdoor area and landscaped public esplanade

General contractor: Bonifacio's municipality

Project management: Buzzo Spinelli Architecture; ISB, BET - structural engineers; B52, BET - mechanical engineers; Eco Sud Ingénierie - quantity surveyors

Cost: 1.080.000,00 € ex-Tax

Areas: NET: 320 m² - GROSS: 1098 m²

Schedule: 2012-2016

Photography by: Serge Demailly

Named after its location; L'Ortu Duzzi, in Bonifacian “Gardens where the fresh water runs”, is the chosen site for the fishermen to carry on with the tale of their city.

Those gardens with their spring water, ideal for vegetation, reveal a peaceful place to pass on ancestral skills.


Nesting at the foot of a limestone cliff, dreaming of an open space, the fishermen corporation hold decided to dive into the port reminding us that Bonifacio belongs to the sea.


The building moulds the cliff and spreads all along the plot. It embraces the whole area generating an urban project as well as an architectural one.

And because it is standing against the cliff, the fishermen's corporation offers a large esplanade connected to the building itself through designed outdoors areas. In this way, net repairs, auction sales, and fishermen's work occupy the shore bringing back to life these -once wild- practices.


Wrapped by the beautiful mineralogy of the area, the construction is intended to be rough in its context. The choice of the cast concrete carries proudly the scars of the process.

These concrete horizontal imprints, together with the sliding shutters lines, echo the limestone strata behind them.

The sunshades made of horizontal wooden slates animate the building's elevation giving a kinetic effect as well as a deck look.

A white concrete acroterion stands out from the background creating shadows for the fishermen and reminding the headland of the city.

The first floor is designed like a belvedere where bonifacian plant species take over the terrace creating a charming space for fellowship and sharing.

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